MSG Exclusive Tour

22 Aug

Madison Square Garden (MSG) is known as the” World’s Most Famous Arena,” but to be honest of late it has not lived up to that reputation. If you have been in the Garden in recent years you would notice how outdated a lot of the arena is from the hallways to the suites. With the great advancements in technology you would figure the World Most Famous Arena would use these technological advancements to their advantage and create a more fan friendly arena. The Garden has seen the positive responses from the public with renovations to other stadiums in the New York area like with the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. Madison Square Garden realized they were going to need to do some renovations as well in order to keep the title “World’s Most Famous Arena.”

Madison Square Garden is currently in the process of renovating the arena. MSG president and CEO said, “It’s a brand-new building inside the iconic skin of Madison Square Garden.” The Garden was completed in 1968 and has not had a major upgrade since 1991 so clearly renovations are needed.  The upgrade is going to cost $850 million dollars. The final renovations will be completed in 2013, and enough of the renovation will be completed before the upcoming NBA and NHL seasons in order for the Rangers and Knicks to play.

I was lucky enough to go on this exclusive tour of what MSG is going to look like when all the construction is done. When you first walk in you feel like you are about to be going on some ride at Disney land. The start of the tour began with a video of many different memorable moments the Garden has displayed for the world from concerts to sporting events. The video only starts after you remove a hockey puck from the wall and place it on a cylinder. This puck was referred to as the “Magical puck” throughout the tour hence the Disney land feeling.

The next part of the tour showcased a model of what the new arena was going to be like. The most interesting fact was the new arena is going to feature two bridges along the top where fans will have seats as well as be able to enjoy a beer without missing any action. The architect needed some structural support and came up with the idea of the brides because New York is known for its great suspension bridges.

The final part of the tour was about showcasing the new suites and the different luxurious advantages that are associated with each type of suite. The Garden designed this area to help sell the suites to potential clients. In the suites the Garden added a giant projection screen to the wall so prospective clients can better understand the perspective they will be seeing from the games if they purchased the suite. From what I saw on the tour and the pictures of what the final results should look like it seems like Madison Square Garden will deserve the name “The World Most Famous Arena” once again.

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