Jets Red Zone efficiency

The ground and pound Jets offensive last year was ranked fourth overall in rushing and twenty-second overall in passing last year, but struggled  mightily to convert red zone opportunities into touchdowns. Enter Plaxico Burress, who is a big target and should improve the Jets red zone efficiency.  Last season the Jets scored twenty touchdowns in fifty attempts, which is a forty percent conversation rate. Coach Rex Ryan knew in the off season the Jets needed to address this issue and this is one of the main reasons they brought Plex in. One of the unknown moves the Jets made was adding Coach Tom Moore as a consultant.  Coach Moore who is the former offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts and who helped develop Peyton Manning into the quarterback he is today. Moore will try to work the same magic with young Mark Sanchez so he can make the next step as a quarterback. Though only time will tell, the addition of Plax and Moore will be key in improving the Jets red zone efficiency this season.


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Golf Needs To Showcase Their Young Talent

For a lot of people Tiger Woods is the only golfer they know of and care to know. Up to recently Woods was by far the best golfer in the world and no one could beat him. That time has past it seems and Woods is not the dominating golfer he once was. I’m not saying he cannot be that golfer again but he hasn’t shown in a while so why does he still get the coverage like he is the world’s number one golfer? Why is it when you go on to see the leaderboard the headline is about how Tiger shot poorly and is over thirteen shots behind the leader versus being about how Scott (the leader) has a 2 shot lead? I understand that Woods will give you the better television rating now but in the long run if he does not get back to his old ways what’s going to happen to golf’s popularity?

Golf does not have a dominating player right now like when Tiger was in his prime, but it does have a great group of young talented golfers who are going to be the future of golf and have the talent to turn into dominating golfers. To name a few Rory Mcilroy, Jason Day, Charl Schwartzel, Dustin Johnson, Martin Kaymer, Rickie Fowler, Ryo Ishikawa, Matteo Manassero, and more. All of these players are twenty-six years or younger and all have won a professional tournament expect Fowler who is only twenty-two. Mcilroy, Schwartzel, and Kaymer have each won a major already, so their futures are bright. If you are not an avid golf fan you probably do not know these names. In order for golf to gain some popularity it needs to stop showing every single one of Tiger’s shots when he is clearly out of a tournament and showcasing the younger talent who are actually in contention to win these tournaments. Of the younger players I named earlier four of them finished tied for 6th or better this past weekend.

Though the television broadcast this past weekend obviously showed the shots of the final groups and players who were in contention there is still always a certain focus on Tiger and how he played. If Tiger didn’t finish so early compared to final groups I’m not sure if the coverage would have been on the final groups or if Tiger would have still got the attention.

Stevie Williams Tiger’s old caddie, who is now Adam Scott’s full time caddie, was given more attention then Scott while they were walking up the 18th fairway. The crowd was making more noise for Stevie than Scott who was about to win the tournament. Due to the media the public was well aware of the fact that Wood’s old caddie was on Scott’s bag now. The split up between Woods and Williams became a bigger headline than the tournament itself. Golf is suppose to be a “gentlemen’s game,” well I don’t think its right that the Stevie the caddie, who didn’t swing a club the whole tournament, got more attention then Scott who put together a great tournament and a deserving victory. Golf headlines need to be more about golf and leave all the breakup and drama headlines for TMZ.

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Super Bowl Favorites?

Philadelphia Eagles make a huge splash in free agency this year. It started with the signing of pro bowl defensive end Jason Babin who previously played for the Tennessee Titans. Babin will be able to help 2009 pro bowler Trent Cole put pressure on the opposing team’s quarterback, creating one strongest defensive lines in the NFL. The next move was trading high profiled backup quarterback Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals for corner back Dominique Rogers-Cromartie and a second round pick. Rogers-Cromartie was selected to the pro bowl in 2009 and is considered to be one of the raising stars in the NFL at the young age of 25. Also the Eagles signed a talent back up quarterback in Vince Young and old Titans star to a one-year deal. All these transactions and improvements for most teams would have been enough, but not for the Eagles. The most surprising yet best move was swooping in at the last second to sign corner back Nnamdi Asomugha who is considered the best corner back in the NFL along with Darrelle Revis. These moves turn the Eagles into a great defensive because of the great talent at the corner back and defensive end positions. Paired with the high-powered Eagles offensive, which scored 27.4 points per game good for third most in the NFL, the Eagles are going to one of the best teams in the NFL during the upcoming season.

The last time the Eagles made this many high profiled moves during one off-season was in 2004 when they signed wide receiver Terrell Owens and defensive end Jevon Kearse. That year the Eagles finally got to the Super Bowl after losing three straight years in the NFC championship game. All the transactions the Philadelphia Eagles have made over the last week has made them one of the clear favorites if not the favorite to win the Super Bowl this year.

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Tiger Is Back

Tiger Woods informed the world yesterday via his twitter account and his website that he is returning to the competitive world of golf. He tweeted, “Feeling fit and ready to tee it up at Firestone next week. Excited to get back out there!” Woods, who hasn’t played in a PGA event since May 12th, where he withdrew after nine holes at the Player’s Championship due to injurys to his left knee and his Achilles tendon.

Another interesting twist to Tiger’s return is who will be on his bag.  Woods will need a new caddie after firing Steve Williams last week after twelve years of working together. Steve caddied for Australian Adam Scott during the 2011 Open Championship with Tiger’s permission as he tried to heal from his numerous injuries. Now Williams will be caddying for Scott on a full time basis. The Golf Channel has reported that Bryon Bell a childhood friend and president of Tiger Woods Design will caddie for Tiger at Firestone. Bell has caddied for Woods in the past when Tiger gave Williams the week off so he could compete in car races in New Zealand.  In those three tournaments Tiger won, and tied for second twice. Though no long term commitment has been made by Bell it will be interesting to see what Tiger decides is best for him in the long run.                 


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Are the Mets Giving Up?

Carlos Beltran is now a member of the San Francisco Giants. The trade became official as the Mets gave up Beltran and cash to the Giants for top pitching prospect Zach Wheeler. With the long awaited and inevitable trade finally done many people assume or question if this means that the Mets are giving up on the season. Let’s face it at first glance you would assume yes, behind Jose Reyes’ MVP caliber season, Beltran is the Mets second best player as he himself was also an All-Star. How can a team trade a player of that stature and not be throwing in the white flag? However, if you look deeper into it this is a trade the Mets absolutely had to make. Carlos Beltran is a free agent at the end of the year and there is no chance that the Mets were going to resign him, after coming off an injury plagued season and seeing limited time in spring training no one would have thought Beltran would have the kind of season he ishaving. With this type of production Beltran was the most coveted hitter on the trade market. With high contending teams looking to add another productive bat they were willing to part ways with top prospects and that’s exactly what the Mets got in Zach Wheeler. Wheeler in the eyes of scouts is something special with the tools to someday be a number one in a rotation, so the Mets recieved great value for Beltran. Also, I believe that the players themselves know that they can still contend. The Mets are 7.5 games out of the wildcard with 2 months of the season left alot of ground is needed to be made up but the players have the attitude that they can still compete for the final spot. The Mets are filled with players this year who are overachieving or who are just unproven that are stepping up and producing extremely well. If they go on a little streak who knows what can happen. The Beltran trade was one that needed to be done and hopefully it will work out for both teams (especially the Mets) but one thing is for certain don’t necessarily give up just yet.

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ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? After 136 days the NFL lockout is officially over. Though the lockout may have taken longer than most had hoped, its over and football is back. The next few days are going to be jammed packed with NFL news and transactions.  Teams will have to make decisions they normally have the whole off-season to make in a few short weeks. Starting tomorrow trades can be made and signing of free-agents can be filed with league offices starting Friday at 6PM Eastern Time.

NFL teams must prioritize who they want to sign because if too much time is spent on one player it could cause them to miss out on another player they coveted. This short time frame is new territory for all teams, and it will be interesting to see which teams handle the pressure the best. Though organizations may not have had a lot of time to discuss with players and their representation about negotiating a new deal general managers and owners sure have had a lot of time to discuss what they will say when given the chance to speak. The next few weeks will be filled with NFL news and will shape how organizations will fair this season and in the future.

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2011 British Open

This year’s Open Championship, also known as the British Open, is being held at Royal St. George’s Golf Club located in Sandwich, Kent, England. St. George’s is a par 70 and plays 7211 yards. All the talk leading up to this week’s British Open is how will Rory Mcllroy back up his dominated performance at the US Open. Some wondered if he took too much time off after his victory at Congressional Country Club, and if that would prevent him from performing to his full capabilites. With Tiger Woods not playing for months and the question of him being able to return to his old Tiger ways the PGA Tour needs a new face of golf. Mcllory, who is only 22, has already won a major and seems to be the perfect fit. Though Rory did not play his best golf during the first round of the British shotting a 71 he was only six shots off the lead. As the past has showed if winds pick up at the British Open no lead is safe, and if Mcllroy can play better you never know what could happen.

     The last time the Royal St. George hosted the British Open was in 2003, when Ben Curtis won the major at 1 under.  Todd Hamilton won the British in 2004 in a playoff against Ernie Els. Tiger Woods won back-to-back Open Championships in 2005 where he won by 5 strokes and 2006 by 2 strokes respectively. Padraig Harrington also won back-to-back British Open’s in 2007 and 2008. Stewart Cink rallied to defeat Tom Waston in a playoff in 2009. The defending champion Louis Oosthuizen won convincingly over Lee Westwood with a seven shot victory in 2010.

Under the current windy weather conditions and similar projected weekend conditions the course forces players to use their imaginations to create shots you may not need to play on your average golf course. For instance, players my hit a low stinger to keep the ball under the gusting winds or a cut shot to counter the winds direction. Purposely hitting the ball twenty years short of a green and running it on is another common shot spectators will see throughout the British Open. Though there are a variety of other shot types that will be used throughout the championship, the player who can best execute their imaginative shots will be right in the hunt to win the British Open.

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